Bei der Mikroimmuntherapie handelt es sich um eine niedrig dosierte Immuntherapie, bei der Moleküle eingesetzt werden, die auf das Immunsystem einwirken, beispielsweise Zytokine, die wesentliche Vermittler der Immunantwort sind. Hier ist eine Liste wissenschaftlicher Studien:

Jahr Autor Publikation Titel
2024 Jacques, C., Marchand, F., Chatelais, M., Brulefert, A., Floris, I. Life

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2023 Jacques, C., Floris, I. International Journal of Molecular Sciences

How an Immune-Factor-Based Formulation of Micro-Immunotherapy Could Interfere with the Physiological Processes Involved in the Atopic March

2023 Jacques, C., Floris, I. Journal of Inflammation Reasearch

Special Focus on the Cellular Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Several Micro-Immunotherapy Formulations: Considerations Regarding Intestinal-, Immune-Axis-Related- and Neuronal-Inflammation Contexts

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2022 Jacques, C., Marchesi, I., Fiorentino, F. P., Chatelais, M., Libera, N., Appel, K., Lejeune, B., Floris, I. International Journal of Molecular Sciences A Micro-Immunotherapy Sequential Medicine MIM-seq Displays Immunomodulatory Effects on Human Macrophages and Anti-Tumor Properties towards In Vitro 2D and 3D Models of Colon Carcinoma and in an In Vivo Subcutaneous Xenograft Colon Carcinoma Model
2021 Jacques, C., Chatelais, M., Fekir, K., Fauconnier, L., Mellier, M., Togbe, D., Floris, I. International Journal of Molecular Sciences The Micro-Immunotherapy Medicine 2LEID Exhibits an Immunostimulant Effect by Boosting Both Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses
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